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The Buisness School of International Trade (ESCI) was founded in 1993, as a joint initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and from the outset it was supported by some of the country’s major companies.

It is a university center assigned to the UPF and was the first in Spain to offer a four year Bachelors’s Degree in International Business. Alongside its masters programs, it currently offers bachelor degrees in International Business and Marketing (which replaced the international business degree in 2009) and since 2016 a new bachelor degree in Bioinformatics, in collaboration with UPF, UPC and UB. ESCI promotes research in order to provide solutions to environmental problems due to international trade. It aims to develop and share knowledge of sustainability to help organizations in their internationalization models, create the appropriate knowledge to provide training in the field of environmental management for international students as experts and represent our country in areas where trade and environmental management are closely linked.

As stated in the first article of its statutes ESCI aspires to: "The provision of training and research in the international area of the company to reach any area of ​​business management, environmental management, sustainability and international relations¨.

ESCI´s main objectives are:


  • Train professionals who can work effectively in any private or public organization with an international outlook.
  • Create experts who can manage and consolidate companies expanding into international markets.
  • Nurture entrepreneurs able to set up their own company.
  • Equip students with the professional tools to work in the fields of research, development and innovation.
  • Be a center of excellence for exploring cutting-edge international issues.
  • Create lines of research and consultancy to forge ties with companies and institutions in our own environment.


The School is composed of a team of academic staff and professionals with special excellence in teaching, research and business consultancy. ESCI has contributed to the creation of knowledge in different areas of international business to respond to market demands generated by a constant interaction between society, business and university.

ESCI also hosts the Mango Chair on Corporate Social Responsibility.

The UPF was established as a public university by agreement of the Catalan Parliament in 1990. Currently more than seven thousand students study at UPF. Many Degrees in all fields are currently being taught: from experimental and health sciences to human and social sciences as well as technical studies.

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Greening and CSR

The group of products and services (office supplies and computer, housekeeping, bar and catering service, maintenance works and electricity) hired are eco-friendly and not harmful to the environment. The managers in charge of purchasing those products are currently receiving information on green purchasing and have access to guidelines which provide general recommendations by type of product.

• An environmental policy to promote less consumption of resources has been implemented.

• Office´s material is being recycled and also containers to select the collection of waste in the office and the whole school are placed in each floor.

• The creation of the Mango Chair on Corporate Social Responsibility in 2006.

• A postgraduate on Graduate Women's Leadership to promote equality in multi-cultural environments is being taught at ESCI.

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