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The UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change offers short courses on environmental improvement of products, both at ESCI´s premises in Barcelona and in-visits to those companies that wish to do so. Depending on the needs of the audience, we can adapt the content and length of the training sessions.

Training course on:

  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): analysis of the product-environment through formal lectures, exercises and case studies on LCA methodology.
  • Advanced Course on Life Cycle Assessment: improving the use of the methodology, looking at comprehensively into specific methodological aspects and also the latest innovations in the international scene.
  • Introduction to Ecodesign: tools, strategies and examples of the introduction of the environmental component in the design of new products and services.
  • Environmental communication products and services: acquire knowledge for the appropriate use of eco-labels in line with the relevant ISO standards.
  • Introduction to the GaBbi: operating principles, applications and exercises of this software for Life Cycle Analysis.

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