The UNESCO Chair has participated and / or coordinated numerous national and international projects on life cycle assessment (LCA), ecodesign, green procurement and environmental communication (ecolabels) of products, carbon and water footprints, governance in environmental management and integration of social and economic aspects into environmental impact assessments. These projects, funded by both public and private entities, provide compatible solutions that are meeting the demands of the market, social expectations and respect towards the environment, thus integrating the three areas of sustainability. Some of them have received prestigious awards including the Environmental Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Ecojoguina and R-CICLEJOGUINA) and runner-up at the Europe INNOVA Best Partnership Award in 2008 (DEPUIS).

UNESCO Chair has published 26 scientific papers in prestigious international journals, 7 books, 20 chapters of books and guides and also more than 50 presentations in conferences, having been awarded with the “Most Significant Contribution” at the International Conference on Life Cycle Management LCM 2009 (PROGRIC).

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