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Life Cycle Aassessment (LCA)

¿What is a Life Cycle Assessment?

LCA is a scientific methodology, standardized (ISO 14044) to analyze the environmental burdens associated with all stages of the life cycle of a product or service from cradle to grave, including raw material extraction, processing materials, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and waste management.

¿How do we do an LCA?

• Compile an inventory of relevant inputs and outputs of the system, as well as emissions.

• Evaluate potential impacts associated with these inputs and outputs through a set of indicators (including carbon footprint and water)

• Interpret the results of the inventory and impact phases in relation to the objectives of the study to assist in decision making.

¿What kind of information give us?

The LCA provides an overview of environmental characteristics, allowing improvement and avoiding environmental load transfer between parts of the production chain or between environmental impact categories.