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“We do research by using our expertise for environmental, economic and social evaluation of new materials and technologies developed by the producers and provide them sustainable development, eco-design and circular economy alternatives. By doing so, we can guide and inform businesses, manufacturers and policy makers about the environmental impacts of new products and technologies developed.”   

derivados ptroquimico bioplsticos
Petrochemical Derivatives  Bioplastics
prcesos industriales biofbras
 Industrial Processes  Biofibers


The Chair is collaborating with LEPAMAP (Laboratory of Paper Engineering and Polymer Materials) from Universitat de Girona about the nanotechnology in paper industry through various projects.  
In addition to collaboration with universities, the Chair also has collaborators from the industry. GCR Group (Tarragona/Spain) and the Chair are collaborating for the evaluation of plastic granulates with mineral fillers; currently in their application to food packaging.


On going:
  • Didem Civancik Uslu: Advances in Life Cycle Assessment and Communication of plastics composites for food packaging. Doctoral Program in Environment at the University of San Jorge (Zaragoza).
    Funded and in collaboration with GCR Group. Director: Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer (UNESCO Chair).



  • 2004-09 CICLEPELL: Ecología Industrial en la cadena del cuero animal (Ecologie Industrielle dans la chaîne de l’animal au cuir , subcontratado a EUETII-UPC).


  • 2015-current “Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Plastic Composites with Mineral Fillers Applied to Different Food Packaging” For GCR Group® - Granic.



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  • Delgado-Aguilar, M., Tarres, Q. , Pelach, M.A., Mutje, P., Fullana-i- Palmer, P. , 2015. Are Cellulose Nanofibers a Solution for a More Circular Economy of Paper Products?. Environmental Science and Technology, 49, 20, 12206-12213.





< 2009
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