The Chair participates in the Conference “The Environment unites us”, organised by Ecoembes and CCOO-Industria

Pere Fullana, director of the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, has participated in the session through the presentation of the ARIADNA study.

The session has brought together Trade Union delegates from CCOO-Industria, with the aim of promoting selective waste collection at the workplace.

The Conference “The Environment unites us” brought together Trade Union delegates from CCOO-Industria in the National headquarters of CCOO.

The Conference “The Environment unites us” has brought together Trade Union delegates from CCOO-Industria in the National headquarters of CCOO.

The UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF has presented the ARIADNA study, devoted to analysing the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the implementation of a mandatory Deposit and Return System (DRS – in Spanish SDDR) in Spain, to the Trade Union delegates from CCOO-Industria, during the Conference “The Environment unites us”. The conference has been carried out in the National headquarters of CCOO's Trade Union Confederation on January 25. Jointly organised by Ecoembes and CCOO-Industria, the session has been devoted to promote selective waste collection at the workplace and take care of the environment.

During the conference, Pere Fullana, director of the Chair, has introduced the concept of life cycle and its applications in different areas, as well as the legislative history that requires its use in certain situations. Then, as an example of one of these situations, he has presented the ARIADNA study that compares the current system (managed by Ecoembes and Ecovidrio) of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for waste managing with a hypothetical situation in which the two systems would coexist (SCRAP and SDDR).

It is the most comprehensive sustainability study on DRS carried out to date in Europe regarding this issue and has involved the participation of a monitoring committee, including more than 30 entities and organisations representing the parties involved in waste management, and a critical review by a panel of nine independent experts. The full report of the project has been published in the channels of the Chair for public exposure. For any doubt or comment, there is a web form available and managed by the research team responsible for the study.

CCOO and Ecoembes encourage recycling at the workplace

CCOO-Industria and Ecoembes have presented the jointly project "Recycling at your workplace" during the session, a collaboration agreement between both entities to promote recycling at the workplace. Within this project, the Trade Union representatives will implement and promote the selective waste collection at the workplace.

The session has also involved the participation of Juan Ramón Meléndez, Institutional Relations Manager at Ecoembes, who has explained the Collective System of packaging recycling in Spain. Outstanding personalities such as the CCOO Confederal Secretary of Environment, Mariano Sanz, and the Secretary of Industrial Strategies of CCOO-Industria, Máximo Blanco, have participated in the session.

The responsible for the two entities have highlighted the importance of a circular economy that combines environmental care with a sustainable industrial activity. Mariano Sanz has highlighted "the relevant role that, historically, the Trade Unions have played in the social transformation and that they must also have in the fight against climate change and for the achievement of an effective circular economy". The Director of Institutional Relations and Adhered Businesses at Ecoembes, Begoña de Benito, has stressed that "it has been a long time since Ecoembes stopped being a model based on waste containers to be a model based on solutions. The selective collection must be present in the streets, but also in offices, industries, bars, schools ... everywhere."




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