Jaume Albertí will participate in the TowardsLCS project seminars next month

low carbon societiesThe leader of the research line on Sustainable Construction and Energy at the UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change ESCI-UPF, Jaume Albertí, will participate in a Pilot Course held by the Erasmus+ TowardsLCS project (acronym for “On the way towards a low-carbon society – Increasing professionalism in land use and landscape management within climate change”), impulsed in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), University of Eastern Finland, and University of Girona and six organisations dealing with land use issues.

Albertí will give a conference on “Life Cycle of Tourists and Climate Change” during the Open Workshop and Seminar held at Lloret de Mar’s Public Library Hall on May 15th. The dialogue, titled “The future of tourism areas versus the tourism areas of the future”, will be focused in measuring, analyzing and representing the carbon footprint of Lloret de Mar's tourism mobility & transports and accommodation sectors; exploring low carbon certification and transition initiatives for both sectors; and debating about the future of tourism destinations and transitions to low carbon tourism with the community and stakeholders.

During the 15-day Pilot Course, 24 students of both universities will explore the transitions towards low carbon models in two representative locations in the area of Girona: Lloret de Mar as a mass tourism destination, and Vilademuls as a rural center linked to agriculture and livestock. The course aims to develop and implement innovative teaching methods, leading to increase professional competences and skills of future University graduates addressing the challenges of the low carbon society.

TowardsLCS will bring together academics, other experts and students in an innovative program that includes not only tals with international experts but also workshops and activities with social and economic agents of both case studies, field trips and visits to exemplary experiences, in order to create and empower higher education structures, which will achieve professionalism in the management of land use and landscape issues targeting the idea of a low-carbon society and, hence, preventing climate change.

More information on www.towardslowcarbon.eu and social network (TwitterFacebookLinkedin)



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